Fruitables® Nutrition Facts

What is CalorieSmart®?

Developed by our founder, John Bauer, a DVM and one of the world’s leading PhDs in pet nutrition, this patent-pending concept in advanced nutrition utilizes nature’s gifts of fruits and vegetables to balance palatability, calorie control, and satiety in foods that your pet will love.

Food doesn’t have to be unhealthy to taste good. Through natural ingredients such as pumpkin, sweet potatoes and a blend of Superfoods, we’ve created pet nutrition that just makes sense. For example, with only 68 calories per cup of Fruitables® pumpkin digestive supplement and under 9 calories in each Fruitables® treat, our products truly are CalorieSmart®!

We use selected organic ingredients like organic oatmeal and organic molasses to drive natural flavor and efficacy in all our products. All of our treats are baked in a certified organic bakery.