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How Much is Too Much? 6 Signs You're Spoiling Your Pet

spoiling your dog or cat


As pet owners, we love to pamper. But without English translations for barks and meows, it’s hard to know if your pet is downright spoiled or simply getting a touch more than their needs met. So how do you tell? We made this comprehensive guide.


1. They Beg for Table Scraps

If your pet is hovering around the dinner table, begging for the next offering, it can signal that the plat du jour is coming all too regularly. It’s important to remember that pets handle “people” food differently, which can lead to a messy clean up, obesity later in life or other health problems. Consider healthy dog treats that are delicious but also nutritious (and less likely to result in obesity), like Fruitables® Skinny Minis or Whole Jerky Bites.


2. They Are Lazy

We all get hot. Sometimes we even see an oasis off in the distance on a summer walk. But if you find that your pet refuses to keep moving or just wants to sit in the shade, there’s a chance your pet is walking you, rather than the other way around. Exercise and play are vital in keeping your pet healthy. So if you suspect your pet isn’t well enough for walks or gets tired too quickly, take them to the vet to see what’s up.


lazy dog refuses to walk


3. The Devil Wears Prada... and So Does Your Pet.

It can be fun to dress your pet for special occasions or keep their feetsies warm on snowy days. But if you’re spending more on your pet’s wardrobe than your own, maybe take a second before purchasing that July 4th onesie or bathing suit for the lake. After all, a pet’s best suit is their birthday suit. Probably.


4. They Demand a Higher Thread Count

Nearly half of pet owners let their pets climb under the covers, but the battle for space on the bed should be a war you win every time. If you find that you’re missing out on your own sleep, or that you’re sacrificing your own comfort just so you don’t wake them, it might be time for a wake up call. A dog bed or crate might be worth considering, or you could try getting snuggles in before closing the door for the night.


dog crawls in bed every night, spoiled dog


5. They Behave Like Animals (In a Bad Way)

It’s important to remember that your pet adopts the behaviors you reinforce. So if you feed them scraps around the dinner table, don’t be surprised if your dog or cat turns vulture, circling round and round. Make sure to keep solid boundaries and reward the behaviors you wish to see with treats.


6. They Have Epic Diva Meltdowns

It’s not unusual for puppies and kittens to throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want—like kids, they’re just learning how to behave. But if your adult pet is acting like a tired toddler, try using time-outs and consistent training to break the cycle. You might even consider a pet training program before reintroducing them to society (aka the living room).


dog tantrum spoiled dog


Is Your Pet Spoiled?

When you peek past your screen, do you see a spoiled rotten Rottweiler or a well-adjusted lap dog? Trust-fund Beagle or a philanthropic Siamese?

We hope it’s been a helpful look in the mirror (for you and your pet). Perhaps you just avoided an animal intervention. For more tips on keeping your dog happy and healthy (and out of the dog house), information about preventing canine obesity, check out our Preventing Canine Obesity blog. 



The Fun Side of Healthy

Our Dog & Cat Blog

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